KickPort FX-2BD Sonic Enhancement Bass Drum Port, White

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The Evolution of the Revolution! Our latest patented breakthrough, the FX Series™ Sonic Enhancement Ports produce a clearer and more focused note that dramatically improves the projection of the natural tone of your drum. These revolutionary ports are the result of more than 3 years of research and development and they deliver an incredible three-dimensional sound in all live performance and recording environments. Like all of our products, FX Series™ Sound Ports are compatible with your favorite brands, sizes, and styles of drums, heads; plus, compatibility with all of your drum microphones.

FX Port tubes are molded from lightweight plastics into a shape that focuses and projects the natural drum acoustic sounds without muffling the note with extraneous weight or material on the drumhead. Each FX Port comes with 2 lightweight and durable FXT-Rings (Template Reinforcement Rings) which are sized specifically for ports and protect the head form tearing. One ring is to be installed on the bottom of the drumhead and the second on the outside of the drumhead for maximum protection. The FX Port is held tight in the drumhead by a rubber gasket ring on the outside of the head and a clear rubber collar on the inside of the drumhead to ensure there is no unwanted vibration noise.

For bass drums batter head 16” or larger. This FX-2 port is specifically designed and utilizes a unique foam system in addition to rubber gasket to ensure there is no unwanted vibration noise or buzzing. Note that this foam is located directly under the FX “K” label and should be installed so foam is on bottom half of hole.


  • KickPort FX Series 2" For Bass Drums
  • Acoustic Maximizing Drum Port
  • For Bass Drums 16" and larger
  • Compatible with your favorite brands, sizes, styles of drums, drum heads, and microphones
  • For batter side or resonant head
  • Extend dynamics, feel and response
  • Reduce unwanted overtones
  • Naturally improve isolation
  • No gels, pads, or tape
  • Add punch and depth
  • Increase definition
  • Color: White
  • UPC: 798304250756
  • MPN: FX2BD


(No reviews yet) Write a Review