Intelli IMT-202 Digital Chromatic Instrument Tuner and Metronome with Stand


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Product Overview

The Intelli IMT-202 Combo 3 in 1 Digital Metronome/Dual Tuner features a built-in plastic stand that tilts the unit for display on a tabletop or music stand and folds flat for compact storage. Non-volatile memory maintains all settings during power-off. The digital quartz metronome features different tones for strong beat (chime) or weak beat (drum), as well as a mute button. The sweeping LCD meter makes it easy to stay on the beat even with the volume off. Choose from 41 tempo settings (ranges from 40 to 216 beats per minute). Tuning mode allows you to calibrate from A=430 to A=449 Hz with 1Hz step. The easy-to-read LCD meter clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents. Suitable for all types of instruments and voice. Guitar tuner features "quadra flat tuning" - no need to remove a capo to tune your guitar. Automatic power off in 3 minutes if no signal.

Digital Chromatic/Guitar Tuner

  • Automatic & chromatic - perfect for intonation training
  • Dedicated tuning mode for the guitar
  • Quadra Flat Tuning - no need to remove a capo to tune your guitar
  • Built in microphone or plug your instrument into the 1/4" jack
  • If you are tuning a non-electric instrument you can clip on a contact mike for easier tuning (see below) 
  • Calibrate from A=430 to 449Hz with 1 Hz steps
  • Easy to read LCD meter acts like a real tuning meter - clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents
  • High contrast display
  • Uses an advanced tuning algorithm - works for most instruments including voice
  • Automatic power off in 3 minutes with no signal

Digital Quartz Metronome

  • Tempo Range - 40 to 216 beats per minute - in 41 steps (does not increment by 1 beat per minute but uses pre-set musical tempos)
  • 5 subdivisions of beats- eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth, triplet and sixteenths with middle rests
  • Accented down beat phrases -0,2-7
  • Sweeping LCD screen - simulates a swinging pendulum
  • Mute button turns off the sound. 
  • Flip out stand
  • Accuracy +-.1%


  • Intelli Metronome and Tuner
  • Tempo range from 40 to 216 beats per minute
  • Accented and subdivided beat options
  • Tuner includes A-430 to A-449 calibration 
  • Wide LCD simulating a needle meter and an eight-octave range
  • Built-in tilt stand for tabletop display
  • Batteries included
  • MPN: IMT202
  • UPC: 814295011159


(No reviews yet) Write a Review