Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulator Effects Pedal


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Product Overview

The Mod 11 is packed with 11 different modulation effects that range from classic to exotic plus advanced functionality all in a compact pedal. It gives you access to powerful yet intuitive “hidden” parameters accessible through its Secondary Knob Mode which let you take even greater control over its effects.

The MOD 11 is designed to be simple to use for those looking for fast, plug-and-play ability, but it also features deeper functionality for players who want more control over their modulation effects. Tap tempo, multiple LFO shapes, envelope controls, and momentary mode are just a few examples of deeper options available on the MOD 11. From simple, subtle warbles to out-of-this-world special effects, the MOD 11 has got all of your modulation needs covered.

The Mod 11’s Momentary Mode lets you seamlessly switch in and out of effects mode for quick accents. It also features Tap Tempo controllable via the built-in footswitch or an external one. The Mod 11 is modulation with warp drive!

Mod 11's Modulation Effects:

  • TREM - A classic tremolo effect, modulating the volume of your guitar.
  • HARM - Harmonic tremolo, a lush tremolo effect found in some vintage tube amps.
  • VIBR - A classic vibrato effect, modulating the pitch of your guitar.
  • UNI - A simulation of the swooshing Univibe efect.
  • CHORUS - A classic warbling, doubling chorus effect like the EHX Small Clone.
  • ROTARY - A simulation of a rotary speaker cabinet.
  • FLANGE - A classic swooping flanger effect, a modulated delay signal mixed with the dry signal.
  • TZF - Through Zero Flanger, a flanger effect that crosses through the "zero point" of the sweep where the modulated delayed signal meets back with the dry signal.
  • PHASE - A classic phaser effect like the EHX Small Stone.
  • PITCH - Modulated pitch shifter. Select your main pitch shift and modulate around it.
  • FILT - Modulated filter effect like those on classic analog synths.


  • EHX MOD11 Modulation Effects Pedal
  • 11 Modulation Effects
  • Easy access to powerful “hidden” parameters thru Secondary Knob Mode
  • Momentary Mode allows you to seamlessly switch in and out of effects mode for quick accents
  • Tap Tempo controllable via built-in footswitch or an external one
  • EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply included
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • UPC: 683274012254
  • MPN: MOD11


(No reviews yet) Write a Review