Dunlop MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

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Dunlop MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal. This MXR Stereo Chorus pedal delivers lush analog chorus several controls to shape the tone of the effect and preserve low end frequencies.

Set the Rate and Width controls to your liking and then dial in as much effect as you want with the Intensity knob. You can then shape the tone even further by EQ-ing the modulated frequencies with the Bass and Treble controls. Run in mono or use the stereo outputs for a huge, vibrant sound. If you're looking to preserve the low end of your guitar tone, the Stereo Chorus has got you covered with its Bass Filter button that applies the effect to the high frequencies only.


  • Dunlop MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Pedal
  • Rich analog chorusing
  • Bass and Treble controls for shaping chorus tone
  • Bass Filter switch for increased low end clarity
  • Analog bucket-brigade technology
  • Powered by two 9-volt batteries, a 18-volt AC adapter such as the Dunlop ECB004, or a DC Brick power supply


  • Input Impedance 2.2 MΩ
  • Output Impedance 3.3 kΩ
  • Maximum Input Level* +10 dBV, 1 kHz
  • Maximum Output Level +13 dBV
  • Noise Floor** -100 dBV
  • Tone Control: BASS ±12 dB, 100 Hz, TREBLE ±12 dB, 3 kHz
  • Rate Control 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1%
  • Maximum Delay 16 ms
  • Maximum Phase Shift 2.88 k degrees, 1 kHz
  • Noise Reduction 2:1
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB
  • Bypass Buffered
  • Current Draw 26 mA
  • Power Supply 18 volts DC
  • UPC: 710137024281
  • MPN: M134


(No reviews yet) Write a Review