Kyser KG3B Short Cut 3-String Acoustic Guitar Partial Capo, Black


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Product Overview

The Kyser KG3 Short-Cut Partial Capo is engineered with the same durability and ease of use as Kyser's original Quick-Change capo, but made for the creative artist who enjoys virtually unlimited tuning.

Kyser’s Capos are made of strong, light-weight aluminium. The spring-tensioned clamp attaches firmly to hold intonation, but is quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning. You can operate your capo comfortably with one hand. You’ll find it doesn’t interfere with fingering and the pads won’t mark or react with guitar finishes. Often imitated, never equaled, there is no substitute for a Kyser® Capo.

Many songs today are written with chord progressions like E, F#m, A, B or G, D, Em, C. The Kyser Short-Cut makes those simple progressions even EASIER to play. The Kyser Short-Cut takes your mind off the chord changes and allows you more freedom when playing your guitar. It also allows you to “hammer on” and create new rhythms.

The Short-Cut can easily create a DADGAD-like sound, without retuning. To do so, just place the Kyser Short-Cut on the 2nd fret from the top to cover the 5th, 4th, and 3rd strings.

To play in a different key, you can use a 2nd capo closer to the headstock than the Kyser Short-Cut. For example, place a capo covering all 6 strings on the 3rd fret and the Kyser Short-Cut on the 5th fret to play in the key of G.

The Kyser Short-Cut can be used on any fret, in standard or inverted position.


  • Kyser Short-Cut 3-String Acoustic Guitar Partial Capo
  • Durable capo with easy, one-handed operation
  • Easy way to play with special tunings
  • Use on any fret, in standard or inverted position
  • Aluminum design will last for years
  • Spring-loaded clamp makes it easy to adjust with one hand
  • Won't mar or blemish your instrument's neck
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black
  • UPC: 009265017006
  • MPN: KG3B


(No reviews yet) Write a Review