Kyser KCPK1 Guitar and String Instrument Care Kit with String Cleaner, Polish, Lem-Oil Conditioner and 3 Polish Cloths


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Kyser KCPK1 Guitar and String Instrument Care Kit
In one box, you'll have everything you need to keep your instrument looking and sounding great! The Kyser KCPK1 Guitar Instrument Care Kit includes: One 4oz bottle of String-Cleaning, one 4oz bottle of Polish, one 4oz bottle of Lem-Oil, and three color-coded Ultra Opper Fiber cloths. Everything in this kit (even the cloth!) is made in the USA.

Kyser String Cleaning
Bright, clean strings make an amazing improvement in the sound of your instrument. Smooth, clear tone can make all the difference in your playing, whether it's a flat-picked mandolin or a five-string slapped bass. Kyser String Cleaning digs into the tiniest grooves in your strings to remove the oily residue that dulls your sound, and lubricates at the same time for less string buzz and faster riffs. Get the most out of your instrument - with Kyser String Cleaning.

Kyser Instrument Polish
Kyser instrument polish does more than just keep your investment shiny. It keeps off the oil and grime that can get into wood grain over time, to remove buildup before it can start. A cleaner instrument feels better, sounds better, and maintains its value over the years. It's worth protecting your investment with Kyser instrument polish.

Kyser Lem-Oil
Kyser Lem-Oil might just be the best kept secret for luthiers worldwide. Keeping your fret board from drying out prolongs the life of your instrument, and keeps it looking shiny and new. A smoother fret board makes for faster, easier playing. The next time you change your strings, treat your fingerboard to a cleaning with Kyser Lem-Oil.

Kyser 4-Piece Guitar Instrument Care Kit
One 4oz Bottle of Kyser String Cleaning
One 4oz Bottle of Kyser Polish
One 4oz Bottle of Kyser Lem-Oil
Three Ultra Opper Fiber Cloths
Made in U.S.A.
UPC: 009265016795
MSRP: $24.95


(No reviews yet) Write a Review