Dunlop GZR95 Geezer Butler Signature Cry Baby Bass Wah Effects Pedal

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Product Overview

Geezer Butler is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s pioneers—his growling bass tones and heavy, swinging bass lines have helped define entire genres of hard rock and heavy metal. As the first bass player to ever record with a wah pedal, Geezer was the only natural choice when it came to designing our very first signature Cry Baby Bass Wah.

The Geezer Butler Cry Baby Bass Wah is specially designed to complement Geezer’s iconic sound—massive low end power with a midrange that cuts through the mix. We took the aggressive Cry Baby 95Q Wah and modified its sweep so that, from the heel-down position, custom circuitry mixes in just the right amount of your dry signal. Pressing toward the toe-down position smoothly removes your dry signal to allow the aggressive part of the wah range to stand out. If you want to adjust the shape of the frequency’s bandpass, just remove the bottom plate and use the internal Q control, which is factory-set to Geezer’s preference.

The Geezer Butler Cry Baby Wah is voiced exactly to Geezer’s specs, with convenient auto-return switching so he can step in and out of the effect with ease. It’s identical to the one that he takes out on the road.


  • Designed in collaboration with the first bass player to record with a wah pedal
  • Voiced specifically for Geezer’s huge and aggressive sound
  • Internal Q control to adjust frequency band pass
  • Convenient auto-return switching
  • Powered by one 9V battery, an AC adapter such as the Dunlop ECB003, or the MXR DC Brick™ and Iso-Brick™ power supplies


  • Impedance
  • Input: 230 KΩ
  • Output: 1 kΩ
  • Resonant Frequency
  • Heel Down: 400 Hz
  • Toe Down: 2000 Hz
  • Output Characteristics
  • Heel Down Gain: +16 db / 0 dB
  • Toe Down Gain: +17.5 dB / +14.5 dB
  • Bypass
  • Automatic: Buffered
  • Delay: 45ms to 560ms
  • Delay Factory Preset: 290ms
  • Noise Floor
  • Bypass: -102 dBV
  • Heel Down (Effect On): -99 dB
  • Toe Down: -90 dBV
  • Current Draw: 2.75 mA
  • UPC: 710137096141
  • MPN: GZR95


(No reviews yet) Write a Review