Axe-Handler S/O Portable Guitar Stand & Neck Support Cradle, Strings Out, Pink

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Axe Handler S/O - 'Strings-Out' - PINK

**This listing is for the PINK Strings-Out Axe-Handler. Pictures show black color for viewing reference. You will receive the color depicted in the first picture.

For the guitar polishers..the tinkerers..the classical cowboys...the 6-string shredders..the mad electric guitar project scientists..This is the perfect guitar tool - The Axe-Handler S/O "STRING OUT" Model. It serves as a dual purpose guitar stand, as well as a neck cradle for your guitar. Simply tilt the Axe-Handler on its side and you have the perfect neck cradle and work station for your guitar. Great for tech benches, it elevates the guitar neck making guitar set-up and changing strings quick and easy as well as guitar cleaning, polishing, guitar electronics modification, and customization.

The Re-Axe Axe Handler Guitar stand is the most secure, convenient, and practical musicians accessory. It holds most acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars but can accommodate a variety of instruments. This innovative guitar stand transforms nearly any flat surface edge or corner into a stable and secure neck cradle for your instrument. Its unparalleled compact size allows it to fit into any gigbag or case. Turn amps, coffee tables, end tables, chairs, stools, benches, desks, dressers, your mom, drum risers, reference monitors...anything you normally rest for guitar on, into an instant guitar stand. With the Axe-Handle S/O 'Strings Out' model, your guitar or instrument rests against the stand with the strings facing outward and away from the stand.

We have all leaned and rested our guitar on the strap button up against a table, amp, or chair, with the risk of it sliding over, falling, and causing serious damage. Made in the USA and constructed with high-grade TPV Material (not rubber) the Ax-Handler utilizes a uniquely engineered design. With a robust weight (more than you would expect from its size) it is unbelievably durable and stable. The Grip Locking feet resist movement, and the the lip of the support stand allows the stand to leverage the angle and tilt of your guitar to rest against any corner or edge you can imagine that is height appropriate for your instrument. Safe for All finishes including nitro-cellulose, the Re-Axe Handler is the ultimate portable guitar stand and a must have in instrument care.


  • Re-Axe Axe-Handler S/O Guitar Support Stand, "Strings Out"
  • Easiest, quickest, most practical, convenient, compact and portable guitar stand 
  • Turn ANY flat surface into a Support Stand - Amps, tables, chairs, stools, benches, and desks etc
  • Heavily weighted design for secure placement and support
  • Made with high-grade TPV Material (not rubber)
  • Grip Lock feet for movement resistance and maximum Stability 
  • SAFE for ALL FINISHES, Including Nitro-Cellulose
  • Dual purpose as guitar neck cradle for string changes, set-ups, or bench work
  • Perfect tool for guitar mods and customization
  • Essential guitar luthier workshop bench tool
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Pink


(No reviews yet) Write a Review