Oscar Schmidt OS11021AE "The Americana" Acoustic Electric Autoharp

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Oscar Schmidt

Product Overview

The Oscar Schmidt OS11021AE “American Autoharp” plays in eleven different key. This autoharp was specially designed for playing Blue Grass music. The OS11021AE features 3 new chords specific to Blue Grass music: E major, F# minor, and B minor. These new cords replace: A flat, C minor and B7th. The essence of Blue Grass music was infused into this truly unique autoharp.

The OS11021AE Autoharp features buttons to attach a strap while adding a truly unique look. The 1930s Oscar Schmidt logo stands out against the beautiful wood tones of the Ovangkol and solid Spruce back.

The wood grains are accented with a satin finish on the OS11021AE. The satin finish will allow the woods to vibrate better, producing a brighter sound. The back of the body is made with select maple wood, designed for strength and optimal support. The backside also features a beautiful sunburst design.

As with most higher end autoharps, the OS11021AE features built-in fine tuning. The fine tuning system will allow you to have greater precision when tuning the autoharp. The fine tuning system will also help extend the life of the main tuning pegs.

The pin blocks in many of the finest autoharps consist of hard rock maple for extra strength. The pin blocks are laminated 10 ply rock maple pin blocks meaning they are specially coated for extra strength. The purpose of the pin block is to firmly hold the tuning pins in place where the strings are attached. The added strength of the laminated rock maple ensures that everything will stay in the right place.

Multiple layers of maple laminations are cross-banded using a special high frequency, waterproof gluing process. Reversing the grain direction on each layer of lamination yields incredible strength and the high-frequency waterproof glue seals the laminations protecting the pin block from changes in the relative humidity.

This autoharp features a built in passive pickup, that lends itself to playing on stage. The passive pickup will produce a more organic sound out of the amplifier.


  • Oscar Schmidt Americana Autoharp
  • Special Chords for bluegrass, folk, old timey and traditional music
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Ovankol top
  • Solid spruce back
  • Built in FT600 Fine Tuning System
  • Passive electronic pickup
  • Satin finish
  • 21 Chords
  • 5 year warranty
  • Color: Satin Brown
  • UPC: 801128025223
  • MPN: OS11021AE


(No reviews yet) Write a Review