C.B. Gitty Complete Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar DIY Kit

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C.B. Gitty

Product Overview

C.B. Gitty Complete Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar DIY Kit with All Parts and Hardware Included to Build it Yourself

The easiest way you'll ever find to build a working, playable stringed instrument. It just doesn't get any easier than this! Originally designed for teachers to build with students, this kit allows anyone to build an instrument and start making music!

What is a diddley bow?

A diddley bow is a one-string instrument whose lineage goes back thousands of years. The first prototype diddley bow (in the style also known as a Musical Bow) was painted on cave walls in France upwards of 15,000 years ago! Traditionally, diddley bows were made using a plank with two nails/posts with a tightened string stretched between them. When that string is plucked or struck with a stick, and a smooth hard object is used as a slide and moved up and down on the string, different pitches result and melodies can be played.

Included is all of the parts you'll need to build your diddley bow are in this kit. This "standard" version requires a bit of neck filing and hole-drilling, but can still be easily accomplished using only basic tools that most people already have access to.

**Please Note: This kit comes with a real cigar box that once held cigars. The cigar box may have some minor dings and scratches, and also may have labels left over from its former life.**


  • C.B. Gitty Diddley Bow Kit
  • Build an awesome one-string cigar box diddley bow with this complete kit
  • Features a real cigar box and all of the parts, hardware you'll need, plus an illustrated instruction booklet
  • Makes a great gift for the "handy" person in your life!
  • Perfect project for first-time instrument builders, or for adults to work on with a child!
  • Only basic tools and woodworking knowledge required.
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  • MPN: 36-008-01


(No reviews yet) Write a Review