C.B. Gitty American Canjo One-String Tin Can Banjo DIY Kit

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C.B. Gitty

Product Overview

C.B. Gitty American Canjo One-String Tin Can Banjo DIY Kit with All Parts and Hardware Included to Build it Yourself

The one-string Canjo Kit is an acoustic tin can banjo instrument, offered under the American Canjo Company brand by C. B. Gitty. Each of these instrument kits include a fretted neck that is hand-made in the C. B. Gitty workshops in New Hampshire, USA. They are fun and easy build and even easier to play, and look great - all at a great price. Also included is a 5-page assembly booklet and a free 2-page "How-to-Play" guide by C. B. Gitty, along with two picks and a spare string.

These canjo kits feature handmade hardwood necks with nickel-silver frets. Once built, the instrument is strung with an unwound plain steel string of .012" gauge tuned to either high C or D. The special metal cans are labeled with a custom-designed automotive-grade vinyl American Canjo Company decal.

This instrument is fretted diatonically (like a dulcimer), which means that all of the "in between" notes are left out - so it is almost impossible to hit a "wrong" note on it. It puts out a great twangy sound, perfect for practicing or back porch pickin'.

This kit includes the following:

  • (1) 5-Page Instruction booklet with bonus 2 page "How-to-Play" Guide
  • (1) Metal can with custom automotive-grade vinyl decal
  • (1) Pre-drilled and fretted Canjo Neck
  • (1) Vintage-style tuner/machine head
  • (1) #4 brass finishing washer
  • (4) #1 x ?" (10mm) mounting screws
  • (1) #2 x ¼" (6mm) slotted pan-head screw
  • (2) .012" plain steel strings (1 spare)
  • (2) Guitar Picks


  • Easily build a one-string canjo (tin banjo) instrument
  • Kit comes with everything you need - fretted neck, resonator can, hardware, string & how-to guide
  • Canjos are fun and easy to play - they are fretted like a dulcimer (diatonically) - no "sour" notes are possible!
  • The softwood, fretted instrument neck is made in the USA!
  • Great ringing acoustic sound, fun for children and adults, with many online how-to-play resources
  • Fretting: Diatonic
  • Overall Length: 27 3/4"
  • Scale Length: 24 1/2"
  • Can Size: 5.5" Long x 2.5" Diameter
  • UPC: 602589220321
  • MPN: 36-010-01


(No reviews yet) Write a Review